Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for additive-free CNT dispersions

MSDS documents for Voxelum's additive-free SWCNT dispersions and MWCNT dispersions can be accessed and then downloaded by clicking the above links. 


  Additive free SWCNT dispersion in water, 25ml packaging

Additive free SWCNT dispersion in water, 25ml packaging

Handling your additive-free CNT dispersions

Additive-free CNT dispersions are different from conventional CNT dispersions and have to be handled properly to get the maximum benefit.

Please note that handling techniques commonly used with surfactant-based and/or functionalized CNT dispersions may not be fully applicable to the additive-free CNT dispersions. 

Here are a few basic rules to follow when handling Voxelum's additive-free CNT dispersions. Performing any of the non-recommended procedures may risk compromising stability of your CNT dispersion. 

1. We do not recommend using ultrasonication

2. We do not recommend diluting the dispersions, e.g., by adding extra solvent into the purchased dispersion. If you need a CNT dispersion with different CNT concentration not listed in our current product menu please contact us for custom CNT dispersion. 

3. Avoid freezing temperatures and sharp vibrations, especially for water-based CNT dispersions.

4. We recommend stirring (either manually or with magnetic stirrer) to refresh your additive-free CNT dispersions, for example, after long storage.