How do I order my additive-free CNT dispersions online?

To use our online store, you need to use a credit card for payment.

To place an orderplease go to the Voxelum online store by pressing either one of the "Shop Now", or "Find my Dispersion" buttons located at the Home Page, or the "Shop" button in the upper navigation menu, or just clicking right here. In the store, you may select either the "MWCNT dispersions" or "SWCNT dispersions" depending on the type of CNT you are looking for. This will take you to the next page where you select the dispersion volume, solvent, CNT concentration, and quantity. After you make your selections, the price tag will be displayed, and the shopping cart icon (in the right corner of the upper navigation menu) will show the number of the selected items. Next, you can either continue shopping for another dispersion, or click on the shopping cart icon to proceed to the checkout. 

Please noteby purchasing Voxelum products you confirm that you have read and agreed to the following Terms and Conditions



How quickly can you ship my order?

For regular orders, we normally ship within 2-4 weeks. For custom orders, the delivery time may be longer.


Are there any other fees  / costs?

We do not charge any fees above the cited product and shipping costs. Any taxes / fees / duties imposed by customs are buyer's responsibility.


How can I pay for my order?

We accept three different ways to pay for your orders:

Credit Card online payments: We accept several major credit cards - VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We recommend this as the best way to make your purchases with us, since it allows us to ship your products promptly.

                    Please note: Our online payment system is currently set-up only for orders to be shipped within the lower 48 US states. If you need your order shipped outside this area, please contact us for custom shipment arrangements. 

Check: Please make your check payable to "Voxelum Inc." and mail it to the address listed on the invoice.

Wire Transfer: To arrange for a direct bank transfer, please contact us (we charge $35 for all wire transfer transactions).


Can I handle additive-free CNT dispersions the same way as conventional CNT dispersions?

Please note that Voxelum's additive-free CNT dispersions may look and handle somewhat differently compared to conventional CNT dispersions. For basic handling rules, as well as to access MSDS documents, please read our Resources page.  

What carbon nanotubes do you use in your dispersions?

We use commercially produced single-wall and multi-wall CNTs from highly reputable companies without any further modification. Some of the CNTs we use may have been processed by the manufacturers to remove residual catalyst, catalyst support, and/or non-CNT carbon impurities. 

The post-synthesis processing (e.g., purification) at manufacturer's site may impart small number of functional groups to CNTs. However, our CNTs do not contain bulky functional groups that were intentionally attached through appropriate chemistry. Such functional groups if present in high density may disrupt the conjugated CNT wall structure and degrade material properties.


What is the chemical composition of your dispersions?

Details about our products can be found in the MSDS documents for our MWCNT-based dispersions and SWCNT-based dispersions. Our dispersions contain only solvent (either deionized water or isopropyl alcohol, IPA) and unmodified carbon nanotubes. They do not contain surfactants, binders, fillers, bulky functional groups, or any other foreign substances. The starting CNTs supplied by manufacturers are typically used as received and as such may contain small amounts of residual growth catalyst, catalyst support material, amorphous carbon, and other impurities. The precise amount and nature of these impurities depend on manufacturer.


What does it mean that your dispersions are for research purposes only?

Currently, our commercially produced dispersions are available only in relatively small quantities which are completely adequate for research and development purposes. Our technology is fully scalable, and eventually industrial scale dispersions will be made available. The pricing levels are expected to reflect this transition to large scale manufacturing by making the dispersions much more price-competitive for practical applications.


Any other questions?

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.