Our mission. Our difference

Advanced materials for advanced manufacturing

Voxelum Inc. is a boutique high-tech firm located in Thousand Oaks, Southern California, about halfway between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.

We develop new, cutting edge high-tech materials and processes to help manufacturers develop innovative products, improve manufacturing throughput, and decrease cost and environmental footprint.

Our strength comes from the energy, education, and experience our scientists and engineers have in high-tech research, management, and marketing in University, National Lab, and corporate R&D environments in the US, Europe, Middle East, and Asia-Pacific.

Voxelum focuses on metal and polymer 3D printing, composites, and semiconducting electronics. Our product portfolio also includes our proprietary game-changing nanocarbon dispersions available for purchase directly through our online store. Manufacture and use of these dispersions are designed to increase sustainability and minimize environmental impact. 

Business model and business areas

Voxelum develops new materials with high commercialization potential in advanced manufacturing areas such as 3D printing with metals and plastics. Our intellectual property includes patents and know-how, and is available for licensing to qualified industrial partners.

We also manufacture and sell our own unique nanocarbon dispersions which contain only pure nanocarbons and solvent, completely free from additives such as surfactants and/or foreign functional groups. Initially, we plan to make available for purchase only carbon nanotube based dispersions for research purposes. Eventually, other nanocarbon dispersions will also be made available.



Investments / Partnerships

Voxelum Inc. is fully owned by the original founders. Voxelum does not accept outside investments at this time, but we are open to exploring new partnerships.

Voxelum is a member of the Fullerex network.

NEWS UPDATE March 11, 2017:    Voxelum Inc. has secured funding and is launching a joint project with a leading 3D metal printing company aiming to accelerate the printing speed