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Additive-free CNT Dispersions:
the catalyst to your CNT projects

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Unique, proprietary technology:
0% additives
100% results


Additive-free CNT dispersions are necessary for many applications, and desirable for most. Only Voxelum has the technology to disperse CNTs without surfactants or functionalization. Compared to existing solutions, our technology may save cost and processing time, improve product properties, and reduce environmental impact.

Voxelum dispersions provide the first and only "drop-in" solution for your CNT-based project. Try the dispersions in as small as 25ml packaging and see for yourself how Voxelum technology can improve your processes and products.


Different applications require different CNT types. Voxelum understands this and offers a choice of CNTs in its dispersions, so you can be sure to have the product you need for your application.

Single-Wall or Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes? 
You choose


Safe flexible solvent

Voxelum’s CNT dispersions are available in water and IPA, two of the most forgiving solvents when it comes to safety, handling, or environmental mitigation. They also happen to be scalable, extremely versatile, and suitable for a large variety of applications, in particular, as additives in polymers, metals, ceramics, and other matrices.

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Go ahead, explore what is available in our online store. Voxelum is the only source of pure carbon nanotube dispersions containing zero additives such as surfactants, dispersants, functional groups, or any others. We sell CNT dispersions online in research quantities. Browse and shop our selection of additive-free carbon nanotube dispersions.You can buy immediately with a credit card.

Read about CNT dispersions and Voxelum technology. And if you cannot find the exact product you need or you have questions, please contact us. We’re here to help.